samsung galaxy camera repair

Cell Phone Camera Repair

It’s great having a quality camera built into your cell phone. It’s not so great when it becomes damaged and takes blurry pictures! Drop by the shop anytime to have your camera repaired by the pros.

LCD broken iPhone 5S

What’s that black stuff under the glass?

the phone screen has two different layers – the glass and under that is the LCD. When the LCD becomes damaged the image will no longer display correctly. Sometimes the picture won’t show up at all or it will have black, green or purple running through it. Thankfully we can repair that without losing any…

Samsung Rugby unlocked

Ready to have your cell unlocked?

Having an unlocked cell phone gives you many benefits. If you are tired of your carrier you can easily switch to the competition who is offering a better rate or coverage. You can also take your cell on vacation and not have to worry about those roaming fees. Drop by today and we can unlock…

iPhone 5 iOS9 problems

iOS 9 iPhone 5 Update Problems

We are warning all Apple users to hold off updating their iPhones to iOS9. There have been many issues where updating to iOS9 causes the iPhone to become stuck at the update screen. Good news is that if you are in this situation we are able to fix it for you and save all of…