Use a Bluetooth headset

iPhone and Android Bluetooth Headset

Cell phones emit a small amount of radiation. Not a lot, but enough that we should be concerned about the long term effects. We strongly recommend that people use a Bluetooth headset when making phone calls instead of holding the phone to the side of their head.

Unlock complete

Rogers Samsung S3 Unlock

Here’s a closer look at unlocking a Samsung cell phone from Rogers. It’s a fairly straight forward process that starts with inserting a sim card from a network other than Rogers (i.e. Telus, Bell, AT&T, etc). When we then start up the phone and swipe at the home screen a dialogue comes up asking us…

Cell phone water damage repair red indicator

LG Nexus 5 Water Damage

Cell phones have water damage indicator stickers inside the device. These little stickers are white and when they come into contact with water they turn red. We see a lot phones with red stickers come through the shop! This LG Nexus 5 came in for a standard screen repair but when we opened it up…

Tab 4 Samsung screen repair

Samsung Tab 4 Screen Repair

Sometimes you get mad and throw your tablet! Sometimes it breaks both the glass and LCD. Even with the entire screen assembly damaged like this it is still cheaper to have it repaired then to buy a new one. Drop by the shop and we’ll have it working like new again for you.

upgraded iPhone 6S rear camera 12MP

iPhone 6S Rear Camera Upgrade

Most people were fairly happy with the pictures taken on their iPhone 6. Great news for those upgrading to the new iPhone 6S is that the main (rear) camera has been upgraded from 8 to 12MP! Pictures are now sharper, clearer and more detailed.

Smashed screen on an iPhone 5C green

What’s your story?

We always ask our customers to “tell the tale” of what happened when they bring in a broken phone. We get everything from “I left it on the roof of my car” to “I dropped it while jogging”. We love the interesting and unique stories! This one was in the owners pocket and got nailed…