DIY cell phone repair

DIY Cell Phone Repair

Some people are successful trying a DIY cell phone repair … others are not. If you got in over your head trying to fix your broken phone then the techs at Digital Rabbit have got your back! Drop by the shop any time and we are happy to bail you out and get your phone…

iphone 6s water damage repair

iPhone 6S Water Damage Repair

This customer left their iPhone 6S for a couple of weeks before getting in in to us. By the time it was on our bench the internal corrosion had a chance to eat away at the contact points and render the device unrepairable. The lesson is that if you get your cell wet – get…

samsung s3 screen repair

Samsung S3 Screen Repair

Come visit Digital Rabbit for Samsung S3 screen repair. The S3 is still a great phone and more than capable of doing everything most people need. Having us replace your screen is much less expensive than purchasing a new device. We can usually have your phone back to you within a couple hours.

Android boot loop repair

Android Boot Loop Repair

Cell phone repair is about so much more than just fixing broken screens and LCD’s. One of the more common issues with Android devices is what is called a “Boot Loop”. This is when the device restarts over and over before making it into the home screen. Why does this happen? Generally this is caused…

laptop computer repair

Laptop Computer Repair

We do so much more than just repair cell phones. We are also highly experienced computer technicians. Whatever the problem may be we can diagnose and solve your computer issues. From a broken screen to virus and malware problems we can repair it all. Come see us to have your laptop computer repair done by…

professional iPhone repair

Professional iPhone Repair

Many of our customers tell us that they have been living with a broken phone for some time. One of the main concerns is that the repair will take a long time. The good news is that we can have most repairs done within a couple of hours. Come see us in the shop for…

iPhone screen replacment

iPhone 5 LCD Repair

No one wants to be without their phone for too long. We can have most iPhone 5 series LCD repairs done in about an hour. Drop it off, get some coffee then come back to your new looking iPhone.

lost data recovery windows

Hard Drive Data Recovery

This customer had YEARS of information stored on their computer. Everything from family pictures to business documents to tax information. After a computer crash they were terrified that all of their data was lost. We were able to pull the hard drive and through our data recovery process get back everything for them

Samsung Cell Phone Unlock

With an unlocked cell you can use any sim card in it. This means that if you are sick of your current cell phone carrier you can change networks. You can also take your phone on vacation and use a local prepaid sim card and save on those nasty roaming fees.   Here is a…