iPhone 5 Camera Cleaning

If you work in the trades you likely have a filthy phone. Without a good case all kinds of debris makes it inside of your phone. This one was so bad that both the front and rear cameras were clogged up. Come by the shop to grab a quality case and protect your phone.

Windows Computer Repair

This aging XP system came in yesterday and was D.O.A. Turns out it has a dead power supply among other issues. On an older system like this we advised the customer to bypass the repair and put the money into a new computer. We were able to recover and backup all the users important data…


Water Damaged iPhone 4S

The longer a water damaged cell phone sits the less repairable it becomes. As time goes on the corrosion and rust eats away at the contact points on the board and even after just a couple weeks there is often nothing that we can do for it.   This is an iPhone 4S that was…