Samsung S4 Repair

Samsung S4 Repair. Hang onto the “old” Samsung Galaxy S4. Starting with the S5 Samsung has fallen from grace from a repair-ability stand point. The S4 is one of the most repairable phones on the market meaning that if anything goes wrong a skilled technician can have the problem solved in no time. The S5,…


iPhone Restoration

iPhone Restoration. Bring your damaged iPhone into us at the shop and we can restore it to like new condition. We have had great success with highly damaged devices.Think yours is beyond recovery? Think again!

Android Ransomware

Android Ransomware – DON’T FALL FOR IT! If something like this shows up on your cell don’t worry you have done nothing wrong. This is a scam. This type of scam locks up your phone and wants you to pay a “fine” to gain access to your device. If you are able to power off your…


iPhone 6 Home Button Repair

iPhone 6 Home Button Repair. When an iPhone 6 is dropped it isn’t always just the screen that breaks. In this case it was also the home button! We had to replace both the screen and the home button during this repair. The unfortunate thing about the iPhone 6 home button is that once replaced…


iPad 2 Bent Corners

iPad 2 Bent Corners. This iPad 2 has been dropped so many times that the corners were a real mess! It took some doing but we were able to restore it. Everyone breaks their iPad at one point or another. Come see us for a professional repair when you do.

iPhone 6 LCD Repair

iPhone 6 LCD Repair. This customer told us they were out having a bit too much fun the night before and had no idea what happened! Regardless of the circumstances we can have your iPhone 6 repaired and working like new again for you. Come see us in the shop for expert iPhone repair right…


iPad Air Screen Repair

iPad Air Screen Repair. What an amazing transformation! We love the look on our customers faces when we hand them back a like new device. This iPad Air was in pretty rough shape and we were able to make it like new again. We pride ourselves on providing top quality iPad repair right here in…


iPad 2 Screen Repair

iPad Repair. We always ask our customers how they broke their iPad. The number one reason given is … “the kids were playing with it”.   The second tale we hear most often is that the customer fell asleep on the couch with the iPad on their lap Once awake the the iPad has been…


Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair

Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair. This Blackberry Passport spent nearly 20 minutes in water before the customer noticed! The red sticker near the top to the right of the camera indicates water damage. Cell phones have little white stickers inside that turn red when they come into contact with liquid. ‪#‎waterdamage‬ ‪#‎local‬ ‪#‎yyj‬ ‪#‎VictoriaBC‬

iPhone 6 Charge Port Repair

iPhone 6 charge port repair. If you have to insert your lightning cable just right for your iPhone to charge then come pay us a visit. We can generally have your iPhone charge port repaired and back to you within a couple of hours. Over time the dock on an iPhone will wear out with…