Back to School Special

The new school year is fast approaching. Make sure your Mac or PC is ready to go with a tune-up from Digital Rabbit. Service includes a full hardware diagnostic, malware scan, junk file removal, internal fan cleaning, and OS update (if applicable). Call for a quote today!

Badly Broken iPad Repair

  Hi there! Digital Rabbit blog is back!! Hope you’re all doing great in those crazy times. We sure have ups and downs adjusting to the world right now. So do children!! When your little ones fight over one iPad, and throw it in the air, your device could look like this. Shattered glass, bent…


iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

Do you have an iPhone 6 that is really slow or draining the battery very quickly after upgrading to iOS11? This is a very common issue that we are seeing daily at Digital Rabbit Cellular. We can fix that for you with an iPhone 6 battery replacement. As a lithium battery (the type that are…


Make your Android device feel more snappy

Here’s a quick tip from the team here at Digital Rabbit Cellular to make your Android device feel more snappy by speeding up animations. We will be using a Samsung phone for our guide, but the steps should be similar for other Android devices. *Disclaimer* It’s important to realize that developer options is a secret…

ios 11.1 problems

iOS11 Problems

iOS 11 problems are very prevalent – If you have not yet updated please DON’T Every day we get customers in the shop who have updated to iOS 11 who are having nothing but problems. The two most common issues being that battery life is greatly reduced and touch screen issues. At the time of…

Computer repair service

Computer Repair

Problems with your old computer? Come see a Digital Rabbit Tech for all your computer repair service needs! We live in a great time where a computer that is even 8 years old can still be made to do more than what most users need it to. Save yourself money and instead of purchasing a…

water damaged cell phone repair

iPhone 5C Water Damage

iPhone 5C water damage. Don’t worry, everyone drops their phone at least once. If you dropped your phone in water, don’t panic. A water damaged phone should be shut off and brought in to the shop as soon as possible. Don’t bother with the bag of rice trick, our experience is that this generally does…

ipad lcd repair

iPad LCD Repair

If you have dropped your iPad and it looks like this you need to come visit the techs at Digital Rabbit to have your iPad LCD repair done by the pros. The LCD is the layer under the glass that displays the image. It generally doesn’t break when an iPad is dropped but when it…


iPhone Bent Frame Repair

We have broken iPhones through the shop with every imaginable problem. One of the more interesting repairs are the ones that have been slammed in a door! The most common reason this happens is when someone has their phone either in a bag or a jacket pocket and accidentally closes a car door on it.…

iPhone disabled try again

iPhone Disabled Try Again in …

We get iPhones in the shop on a fairly regular basis where the user encounters the error “iPhone is Disabled, try again is 24,225,927 minutes” We all have some time to kill now and then but not that much! This issue often occurs when an iPhone is dropped and the digitizer becomes damaged. The digitizer…