iPad 2 Screen Repair

iPad 2 Screen Repair

iPad Repair. We always ask our customers how they broke their iPad. The number one reason given is … “the kids were playing with it”.   The second tale we hear most often is that the customer fell asleep on the couch with the iPad on their lap Once awake the the iPad has been…

Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair

Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair

Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair. This Blackberry Passport spent nearly 20 minutes in water before the customer noticed! The red sticker near the top to the right of the camera indicates water damage. Cell phones have little white stickers inside that turn red when they come into contact with liquid. ‪#‎waterdamage‬ ‪#‎local‬ ‪#‎yyj‬ ‪#‎VictoriaBC‬

iphone 6 charge port repair

iPhone 6 Charge Port Repair

iPhone 6 charge port repair. If you have to insert your lightning cable just right for your iPhone to charge then come pay us a visit. We can generally have your iPhone charge port repaired and back to you within a couple of hours. Over time the dock on an iPhone will wear out with…

iphone 5S lcd repair

iPhone 5S LCD Repair

First job up on the bench today was an iPhone 5S with a damaged LCD. We were able to take care of the iPhone 5S LCD repair and have the phone back in the customers hands in about an hour. Need your phone for the weekend? If you can get it into the shop before…

iphone cleaning

iPhone Cleaning

Maybe you work around a lot of dust and debris or maybe you just like to play in a sandbox. Either way the inside of your cell is full of debris! When this happens it makes it difficult to hear the person talking on the other end because your speaker is clogged up with dirt.…

DIY cell phone repair

DIY Cell Phone Repair

Some people are successful trying a DIY cell phone repair … others are not. If you got in over your head trying to fix your broken phone then the techs at Digital Rabbit have got your back! Drop by the shop any time and we are happy to bail you out and get your phone…

iphone 6s water damage repair

iPhone 6S Water Damage Repair

This customer left their iPhone 6S for a couple of weeks before getting in in to us. By the time it was on our bench the internal corrosion had a chance to eat away at the contact points and render the device unrepairable. The lesson is that if you get your cell wet – get…

samsung s3 screen repair

Samsung S3 Screen Repair

Come visit Digital Rabbit for Samsung S3 screen repair. The S3 is still a great phone and more than capable of doing everything most people need. Having us replace your screen is much less expensive than purchasing a new device. We can usually have your phone back to you within a couple hours.

Android boot loop repair

Android Boot Loop Repair

Cell phone repair is about so much more than just fixing broken screens and LCD’s. One of the more common issues with Android devices is what is called a “Boot Loop”. This is when the device restarts over and over before making it into the home screen. Why does this happen? Generally this is caused…

laptop computer repair

Laptop Computer Repair

We do so much more than just repair cell phones. We are also highly experienced computer technicians. Whatever the problem may be we can diagnose and solve your computer issues. From a broken screen to virus and malware problems we can repair it all. Come see us to have your laptop computer repair done by…