iOS11 Problems

iOS 11 problems are very prevalent – If you have not yet updated please DON’T Every day we get customers in the shop who have updated to iOS 11 who are having nothing but problems. The two most common issues being that battery life is greatly reduced and touch screen issues. At the time of…


Hard Drive Data Recovery

This customer had YEARS of information stored on their computer. Everything from family pictures to business documents to tax information. After a computer crash they were terrified that all of their data was lost. We were able to pull the hard drive and through our data recovery process get back everything for them

DIY Cell Phone Repair

Some people are successful trying a DIY cell phone repair … others are not. If you got in over your head trying to fix your broken phone then the techs at Digital Rabbit have got your back! Drop by the shop any time and we are happy to bail you out and get your phone…


Computer Repair

Problems with your old computer? Come see a Digital Rabbit Tech for all your computer repair service needs! We live in a great time where a computer that is even 8 years old can still be made to do more than what most users need it to. Save yourself money and instead of purchasing a…


Cell Phone LCD Repair

Cell phone LCD repair. We see it everyday in the shop. When a customer drops their cell phone the LCD can become damaged resulting in the image not displaying correctly. At Digital Rabbit cell phone LCD repair is part of our daily routine and we can have most popular models repaired in just a couple…