iPhone 5C Screen Separation

?????? ?? ?????? ??????????. A common problem with the iPhone 5 series (5/5C/5S) is that the glass layer of the screen can become separated from the mid frame. This allows all kinds of dust, debris and moisture to get inside the phone. Most cell phone repair shops offer to repair this issue by replacing the…


iPhone 5 Rear Camera Repair

iPhone 5 Rear Camera Repair. A common issue iPhone 5 users run into is that their rear camera can become blurry and the image gets distorted. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. Any guesses on what the most common factor a user will need to come see us for IPhone 5 rear…


iPhone 5 Camera Cleaning

If you work in the trades you likely have a filthy phone. Without a good case all kinds of debris makes it inside of your phone. This one was so bad that both the front and rear cameras were clogged up. Come by the shop to grab a quality case and protect your phone.

iPad LCD Repair

If you have dropped your iPad and it looks like this you need to come visit the techs at Digital Rabbit to have your iPad LCD repair done by the pros. The LCD is the layer under the glass that displays the image. It generally doesn’t break when an iPad is dropped but when it…


iPad Air Screen Repair

iPad Air Screen Repair. What an amazing transformation! We love the look on our customers faces when we hand them back a like new device. This iPad Air was in pretty rough shape and we were able to make it like new again. We pride ourselves on providing top quality iPad repair right here in…


iPad 4 DIY Repair

iPad 4 DIY repair gone wrong! This iPad 4 was purchased by our customer on Ebay. It was advertised as having been professionally refurbished. It was brought into our shop because the screen was falling off and the WIFI was very weak and cut in and out. After opening it up we quickly discovered why…


iPad 2 Screen Repair

iPad Repair. We always ask our customers how they broke their iPad. The number one reason given is … “the kids were playing with it”.   The second tale we hear most often is that the customer fell asleep on the couch with the iPad on their lap Once awake the the iPad has been…


iPad 2 Bent Corners

iPad 2 Bent Corners. This iPad 2 has been dropped so many times that the corners were a real mess! It took some doing but we were able to restore it. Everyone breaks their iPad at one point or another. Come see us for a professional repair when you do.