Bluetooth Pill Speaker

We are now stocking wireless Bluetooth pill speakers. These speakers offer great sound quality along with the convenience of being wireless! You can place them anywhere in your home or take them on the go with you. $39.99 alone or $34.99 with your repair or unlock.

Rogers and Fido iPhone Unlock

Flash sale ending at the close of business Dec 1st – Factory iPhone Unlock for Rogers and Fido for only $44.99!!! Drop by the shop and get in on this amazing sale. This official factory unlock will allow you to use your iPhone on any network including Bell and Telus or take it on vacation…


BlackBerry Unlocks

Drop by the shop, mention this and we’ll unlock your old Blackberry for only $4.99! It’s great to have an unlocked cell phone that can be used on any network – especially if you travel! *Note* Does not apply to newer Blackberrys (Z10, Q5, Passport, etc.)  


LGG3 Water Damage Repair

If your cell phone (in this case an LGG3) gets wet, time is of the essence! Get it into us ASAP. When a cell phone dries out it starts to corrode. The longer it sits the worse the corrosion and less likely it is we can successfully repair it. If you drop your phone in…


Water Damaged iPhone 4S

The longer a water damaged cell phone sits the less repairable it becomes. As time goes on the corrosion and rust eats away at the contact points on the board and even after just a couple weeks there is often nothing that we can do for it.   This is an iPhone 4S that was…