Samsung Tab 4 Screen Repair

Sometimes you get mad and throw your tablet! Sometimes it breaks both the glass and LCD. Even with the entire screen assembly damaged like this it is still cheaper to have it repaired then to buy a new one. Drop by the shop and we’ll have it working like new again for you.

Samsung S4 Repair

Samsung S4 Repair. Hang onto the “old” Samsung Galaxy S4. Starting with the S5 Samsung has fallen from grace from a repair-ability stand point. The S4 is one of the most repairable phones on the market meaning that if anything goes wrong a skilled technician can have the problem solved in no time. The S5,…


Samsung S3 Screen Repair

Come visit Digital Rabbit for Samsung S3 screen repair. The S3 is still a great phone and more than capable of doing everything most people need. Having us replace your screen is much less expensive than purchasing a new device. We can usually have your phone back to you within a couple hours.


Samsung Android Boot Loop Repair

Samsung Android Boot Loop Repair. Sometimes a Samsung phone or Android device will get stuck in what’s called a “Bootloop”. This is when the Samsung or Android device has a hardware or software fault and the operating system will not properly load. What typically happens in a boot loop is the phone or tablet will…