Android Boot Loop Repair

Cell phone repair is about so much more than just fixing broken screens and LCD’s. One of the more common issues with Android devices is what is called a “Boot Loop”. This is when the device restarts over and over before making it into the home screen. Why does this happen? Generally this is caused…


Android Ransomware

Android Ransomware – DON’T FALL FOR IT! If something like this shows up on your cell don’t worry you have done nothing wrong. This is a scam. This type of scam locks up your phone and wants you to pay a “fine” to gain access to your device. If you are able to power off your…


Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair

Blackberry Passport Water Damage Repair. This Blackberry Passport spent nearly 20 minutes in water before the customer noticed! The red sticker near the top to the right of the camera indicates water damage. Cell phones have little white stickers inside that turn red when they come into contact with liquid. ‪#‎waterdamage‬ ‪#‎local‬ ‪#‎yyj‬ ‪#‎VictoriaBC‬

BlackBerry Unlocks

Drop by the shop, mention this and we’ll unlock your old Blackberry for only $4.99! It’s great to have an unlocked cell phone that can be used on any network – especially if you travel! *Note* Does not apply to newer Blackberrys (Z10, Q5, Passport, etc.)  


Bluetooth Pill Speaker

We are now stocking wireless Bluetooth pill speakers. These speakers offer great sound quality along with the convenience of being wireless! You can place them anywhere in your home or take them on the go with you. $39.99 alone or $34.99 with your repair or unlock.

Cell Phone LCD Repair

Cell phone LCD repair. We see it everyday in the shop. When a customer drops their cell phone the LCD can become damaged resulting in the image not displaying correctly. At Digital Rabbit cell phone LCD repair is part of our daily routine and we can have most popular models repaired in just a couple…


Computer Repair

Problems with your old computer? Come see a Digital Rabbit Tech for all your computer repair service needs! We live in a great time where a computer that is even 8 years old can still be made to do more than what most users need it to. Save yourself money and instead of purchasing a…