cell phone lcd repair

Cell Phone LCD Repair

Cell phone LCD repair. We see it everyday in the shop. When a customer drops their cell phone the LCD can become damaged resulting in the image not displaying correctly. At Digital Rabbit cell phone LCD repair is part of our daily routine and we can have most popular models repaired in just a couple…

iphone 6 water damage repair

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair. At Digital Rabbit we are working hard to debunk the myth that if your cell phone gets wet you should put it in rice. The reality is that the longer you leave it in rice the deeper the corrosion will eat and damage your internal components and connections. Come see…

iPhone 5 rear camera repair

iPhone 5 Rear Camera Repair

iPhone 5 Rear Camera Repair. A common issue iPhone 5 users run into is that their rear camera can become blurry and the image gets distorted. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. Any guesses on what the most common factor a user will need to come see us for IPhone 5 rear…

iPad 4 Glass Repair

iPad 4 Glass Repair

iPad 4 Glass Repair. Most people break their iPad 4 at one point or another. When you glass gets cracked stop by and see Digital Rabbit for a professional iPad 4 glass repair.

LGG3 Water Damage Repair

LGG3 Water Damage Repair

???? ????? ??????. This is a perfect example of why you do not leave a water damaged phone in rice. Even one day after the device gets wet it can become badly corroded. When you get your cell phone or tablet wet the corrosion can start as early as 30 minutes later. Get it in…

iPhone 5 5c 5s screen

iPhone 5C Screen Separation

?????? ?? ?????? ??????????. A common problem with the iPhone 5 series (5/5C/5S) is that the glass layer of the screen can become separated from the mid frame. This allows all kinds of dust, debris and moisture to get inside the phone. Most cell phone repair shops offer to repair this issue by replacing the…